In this project which is supported by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) begun in 1 May 2014 and ended in 1 May 2017, 302 newspapers and magazines that were published in Arabic based alphabet was examined. By the digital copies and information of serial novels recorded through the examination of the periodicals a digital archive is generated. Researchers can access this archive from eResearch@ozyegin repository that is located under Ozyegin University Library. Archive provides opportunity to achieve information about the uploaded works on the basis of chronology, author, and periodicals.

The information about the examined periodicals can be retrieved from “Periodicals”, the chronological lists of indigenous and translated serial novels can be retrieved from “Serials” and the archive where digital copies of novels are uploaded is accessible from the link settled in “Database” sections of the web site.    

Another aim of the project is to discover novels and novelists that are not mentioned in literary histories or gone into oblivion in the pages of newspapers, and add their names to the literary history. As a part of this objective some of the indigenous novels discovered in this project have begun to be published in new series, namely “Tefrika” by Koç University Press.

The digital copies uploaded to the archive and the rediscovered novels and novelists on the one hand enriches Turkish literature and on the other hand gave way to new researches about Turkish literature.

The academic studies that have been made so far within the scope of the project using literary, sociological and historical perspectives can be accessed from “Publications” section of the web site.